Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance Services

At DC Grounds Maintenance Ltd, we pride ourselves on being one of Midland’s leading grounds maintenance companies. Whether it is for a residence or public area, we can provide you with the best-maintained green spaces at an affordable price.

Rather than providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ package, we’ll listen to what your specific needs are and design a bespoke solution for all of your grounds maintenance requirements. Whether that is to include grass cutting, hedge trimming, shrub pruning, even the maintenance of decorative planters and floral displays.

We can also work with you in the design and architecture of your landscape, including fencing, gates, new planters and floral areas.

Landscape Design

Landscape Architecture & Design

Here at DC Grounds Maintenance Ltd we provide a complete landscaping service from intitial design of your green areas through to the complete installation and maintenance.

We will work with your to fully understand what your requirements are for your green space and crucially what the purpose of the area is. Whether it is a mainly for a floral display, to tidy up your grounds making them look more professional or to serve a specific function such as a staff “break out” area, or as a picnic spot.

Our experienced team will work with you to deliver a new green space to both “wow” and impress your visitors and staff alike.

Landscape Maintenance

One of our main services is the ongoing maintenance of green spaces. We offer maintenance services for your landscapes and green areas to ensure they remain in pristine condition all year round!

With a well planned and executed schedule of maintenance we can ensure your green spaces are always looking there best, with services such as regular grass cutting, tree pruning, vegetation management and floral display maintenance we are confidant that your professional image will always be maintained through your surroundings and your work environment.

We work with both private companies and the public sector to maintain green spaces, and have many clients within both sectors.

Fencing Services

DC Grounds Maintenance Ltd can provide a comprehensive fencing service, we can simply replace old and worn fence panels provided your posts are sound, or alternatively we can replace the entire fence!

We understand that fencing plays an integral part of any green space and as such should compliment the surrounding areas as well as serving a purpose of segregating specific areas off from one another, providing security, privacy and protection.

To find out more how DC Grounds Maintenance can help with your fencing please click read more below.

Vegetation Management

Vegetation management is a core service available from DC Grounds Maintenance, we provide a comprehensive service to keep your grounds looking their best and to ensure there are no obstructions caused by trees and vegetation.
Our Vegetation Management services are aimed at commercial customers, public sector organisations as well as private individuals with large estates to maintain.

For further information on the specific services related to Vegetation Management we can provide please click Read more below.

Floral Display

Planters & Floral Displays

We work with private companies and public sector organisations to design and install planters and floral displays. Ensuring a beautiful appearance to commercial premises and creating a welcoming atmosphere to potential visitors.
You can trust us with your most important projects, we’ll make sure they look great every time. Our team of experts will ensure that your vision becomes reality, no matter how big or small the project is. If you want something done right, hire DC Grounds maintenance Ltd!