Estate Maintenance

Estate Maintenance Services

Here at DC Grounds Maintenance Ltd we provide a comprehensive range of Estate Maintenance services to ensure your grounds or estate is always looking it’s best. We work with a wide range of commercial, public sector, local authorities and private individuals, delivering professional services and expert advice.

Whether you are a private individual with an extensive estate which needs looking after or commercial / public sector organisation are are always on hand to help with a wide range of estate maintenance tasks. Below you will see some of what we provide, but if you have a specific requirement please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we can help.

Park & Playground Maintenance

We work with a number of local authorities who are responsible for maintaining public play areas, allowing children to play safely and securely knowing that they will come to no harm, creating safe and enjoyable places for families and kids to play worry free.

We are able to provide playground and park maintenance services ensuring the areas are 100% safe to be used by children. Regular maintenance and repairs to climbing frames, slides, swings and other play equipment will help to prolong their life, reducing the need for them to be fully replaced in the future.

Regular cleaning of the play equipment also ensures they are ready to be used at all times. For play areas which have been vandalised or require full repairs we can also help with this type of maintenance.

Paving & Pothole Repairs

Damage to pavements and potholes in the road surfaces on your grounds or estate can be quite hazardous, not just for motor vehicles where they can cause serious damage  but also for pedestrians, resulting in trip hazards and uneven surfaces. DC Grounds Maintenance Ltd can repair these paving areas and potholes for you.

We can repair any surface including tarmac, block paving, concrete, paving slabs, Indian stone and many more. We work with many private individuals, commercial companies, public-sector organisations and local authorities in repairing potholes and pavements. Click on our read more button below to find out further information on how we can help with your dangerous, uneven surfaces.

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti can be an eye sore and make your property look awful, giving a bad impression of your business to potential new customers and visitor to your premises. Our professional Graffiti removal services will leave your buildings looking as they did before.

Our professional cleaning solutions and equipment can effectively remove Graffiti from any surface, leaving your property looking as good as it did prior to the graffiti vandalism. 

Our professional Graffiti removals team have many years experience so you can be sure that we will effectively, safely and quickly remove any Graffiti from the walls of your buildings.

Litter Picking & Fly Tipping Clean Up

We work with local authorities and commercial businesses to keep their grounds free from litter and fly tipped waste.

Our team of litter pickers can effectively clean and remove any litter which may be on your property and within your grounds. We regularly clean up after events and other public gatherings removing all waste efficiently returning the areas to a clean and safe environment.

We also work with local councils to collect any waste or rubbish which may have been fly tipped which can be unsightly as well as putting the general public and wildlife at risk.

Gutter Cleaning & Repairs

During the autumn months falling leaves, twigs and branches can cause serious blockages and damage to the guttering of your buildings. 

Here at DC Grounds Maintenance we provide a gutter cleaning and repairs service to help keep your guttering clear and effective at removing the rain water from your roof. All organic matter, leaves, sludge and twigs are removed enabling the guttering to operate as normal.

If your guttering has been damaged as a result of a blockage, falling branch or other incident we are able to professionally repair your guttering so that it works as it should.

We can repair and maintain all types of guttering from the old cast iron & copper through to the more modern UPVC plastic guttering.